United Nations – Dutch colorful design – exhibition

The recently concluded Design Intelligence Award (DIA) Exhibition in Shaoxing, China, occupied a 3,000 square meter exhibition space and showcased design talent and cultural heritage from across the globe.

The Netherlands was a notable participant in the exhibition, highlighting the innovative work of seven Dutch designers in the Design United Nations Exhibition Area. This dedicated space allowed each participating nation to present its unique design concepts and foster cross-cultural exchanges, celebrating the diversity and creativity of the global design community.

Design2GatherCooking totem
Teun SwetsBubble clock
Troy NachtigallCellular automata sweater
Femooinano meso Air
preheatStudio Aldrik 
Loe Feijs & Marina ToetersGenerative art: Victory Boogie Woogie, Sampler of Isohedral Tilings of the Pied-de-poule Tile, Single Line Apollonial Gaskets for Fashion, Cellular Automata-Based Generative Design of Pied-de-poule Patterns
Participating designers and companies