Design Intelligence Award 2022 – support

Entries are closed for Design Intelligence Award 2022

If you have any questions about the evaluation or need other support please contact us at

Stichting voor Design Promotion in Europe en China” gives local support for DIA 2022 entries. Please follow the instructions below for a successful entry.

The 7th edition of the Design Intelligence Award calls for outstanding design works. Free to enter and a possibility to win one of the prices in the $750k prize fund. Agencies, designers, students, and companies from all over the Netherlands are invited to enter their works and projects. Either products or concepts are allowed to enter the award within two separate categories.

To further accelerate your entry, or when support is needed please contact our organization through

Award setting

The entry is free of charge, without any hidden cost.

Product group
  1. Gold Award
    • 2 awards, RMB 1,000,000 | ±€140.000/award
  2. Silver Award
    • 8 awards, RMB200,000 | ±€27.500 /award
  3. Bronze Award
    • 10 awards, RMB100,000 | ±€14.000/award
Concept group
  1. Future Talents Award
    • 2 awards, RMB 80,000 | ±€10.000/award
  2. Young Talents Award
    • 8 awards, RMB 30,000 | ±€4.000/award

In addition, the Honorable Mention Award will be granted to about 300 entries selected from the two groups (the actual number of award winners is subject to the appraisal results).

More information

It is possible to send me your submission through email. The website is relatively slow at some points, and thus if you’d like, we can assist you. If you provide us with the information necessary to submit it, we can make sure it will be put in the system. Please send us an email ( if you’d like this support; I’ll provide you with a list with all the necessary information required for submission.

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